Uniquely qualified

Each of us has our own good reason to believe we are uniquely qualified to teach the rest of humanity about reality — not least of which is the fact that each of us can truthfully say: I was born into the center of existence and have experienced reality from that privileged vantage point my whole life.

This is why — though many other people know many different things — when it comes to what really matters, what is most relevant, what gets to the heart of it all, you are the authority. You concentrated on the one thing needful. This is why wise people come to you for wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Uniquely qualified

      1. Sorry I was too cryptic. I simply meant that you may have knowledge that I do not (you know how to do service design) and you may have experiences that I do now (living in Atlanta), but I vest everything with meaning and so do you. You vest meaning in your knowledge of service design, but so do I. And you vest meaning in your experience of living in Atlanta, but so do I. Sometimes our meanings are shared, but they need not be.

        Hope that helps clarify.

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