Unique identitifications

Perhaps every particle of reality is a unique participant of existence.

Perhaps the uniqueness of each participant is expressed primarily in how it looks out upon the other participant-particles from its own I-rooted objectivity, conceiving patterns of sameness and difference in the unique objects environing — conceiving parts, wholes and the enveloping reality in a unique way from its own unique existence.

Perhaps one participant may recognize and respond to the I-rootedness of another, a fellow who reciprocates, producing a new we-rooted objectivity that now conceives a shared world — a polyphonous world — a pluralistic world where color, form, movement, number, poetry, history and physics, for instance, can now overlap and layer in chords of harmony and cacophony — can now interact and interfere in contrapuntal tension and release — can now coexist as subject with subject, subject within subject, subject subjugating subject.

(A variation on the Pascal’s Sphere, Indra’s Net. I recommend actually following these links today. They make pretty chords.)

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