Haloed words

Some words belong to understandings beyond that of the above-average person. Such words are enveloped in a halo.

Watch closely how a person responds to a halo, and you will witness something of that soul’s relationship with transcendence.

Some call the halo a nonsense indicator — a symptom of bullshit. Whatever bears a halo is worse than nothing.

Some see a halo and smell brimstone.

Some try to explain halos away. A haloed thing cannot be seen clearly until the halo is clarified into perfect invisibility and stops existing.

Some try to abduct the word, dominate it, own it. The halo makes a thing precious, and worth possessing.

Some try to squeeze in under the halo in order to become haloed themselves. They associate themselves with the mysterious and try to be identified with mystery.

Some worship a haloed apparition, and use worship to keep their distance from whatever shows itself in the appearing.

Some try to learn something inconceivable and incomprehensible.

Haloed words are not misunderstood because the words are inadequate. Any word adequate to the meaning will also be misunderstood.

Haloed words are not misunderstood because they are essentially inconceivable, and pious refusal to attempt to understand them does not honor them in the least. Much mysticism is aestheticized laziness.

I’m doing a lot of rewriting.

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