Ambinity point of eversal

“Hypertorus” has been my screen saver for most of the last twenty years. I first adopted it on a Windows 2000 laptop, and I’ve put significant effort into keeping it working on my Macs.

It has never ceased to disturb my comprehension in my favorite way.


In an eversing operation, there is an impossible zero point where the inner and outer, the outer and inner, are neither inner nor outer, or perhaps they are both at once. This is the state of ambinity.

In ambinity, something is simultaneously this, that, neither and both.


Between first-person and third-person is an ambinity point where second-person is activated.

I have a vague hunch that Existentialism and Pragmatism can be understood in everse relationship. I’ve had this same hunch about the relationship between Actor-Network Theory and Postphenomenology.


Another vague hunch: the ambinity point between first-person philosophies and third-person philosophies is the heart of design.


This is all spuriously intuitive, but this is my method. All my originality indulges spurious intuitions, follows them where they go, then — only afterwards — tries to clearly account for what happened. I call it leap-and-creep.

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