Against ismionity

Bronwen: “When I limited myself to one abstract noun per sentence, the clarity of my writing improved ten-thousand percent. If it ends in -ion or -ism or -ity, be ruthless. Find another way. It’s like taking a squeegee to a dirty window.”

Me: “But I’m writing philosophy. The stuff I read and write is all ismionity.”

But you know, now I’m thinking about the best philosophical writers. Nietzsche and Wittgenstein wrote with minimal ismionity.

I may need to learn to write more ismionitilessly.

2 thoughts on “Against ismionity

  1. Brilliant! I love it.

    ismionity: noun
    Pronounciation: “iz MOIN (as in coin) ity”.
    Etymology: A portmanteau neologism, combining the abstraction suffixes -ism, -ion, and -ity, coined by Stephen Taylor.
    Definition: The overuse of highly abstract words at a sentence by sentence level.

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