Models, concepts, truths

When we say all models are wrong but some of them are useful or that all concepts are misconceptions, we misconceive concepts and adopt a malfunctioning model of how models function.

The same can be said of truth. When we misconceive truth — what it is and how it works, we arrive at a belief that there is no truth.

These are all fairly fundamental category mistakes.

6 thoughts on “Models, concepts, truths

    1. That is because a) only very few people are capable of detecting the subtle truths that I and handful of other courageous thinkers are willing to entertain, b) there is a conspiracy to suppress the new paradigm that underlies this thought, and… c) through g) will be released in a paper I will be publishing in the in Nature, pending acceptance. It will be on the Paradigmatic Subtle Truth Suppression Complex, or, as I like to call it the PSTSC. It’s Nobel Prize quality work, so it ought to be a shoe-in, unless the PSTSC prevents it.

      1. Excellent point. I’d wager that longform heterodox podcasts are the last reliable source of truth we have left in a world where all of our scientific journals have been besieged by the Woke and the Climatistas. I’m not saying that ALL scientific knowledge has been corrupted by the Woke, but the influence of the Woke on scientific journals has significantly reduced their credibility. But thankfully the heterodox/IDW/Joe Rogan community is mobilizing an army of Big Ideas to defend western civilization from this brigade.

  1. What if the aphorism was “all models are fallible but some of them are useful”? Would that make it more acceptable? I think that my rephrased version better captures what is really meant by the “are wrong” version. Or perhaps all models: have blind spots, ignore some aspects, are incomplete, etc.

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