Most of the ideas I’ve believed, I still believe, but I have changed how I believe in them.


I believe in personality type, in archetypes, in symbols.

I even believe in seasons of the soul, and the existence of distinctive, identifiable energies associated with these seasons.

These things do exist, and I treat them as real.

But real, how?

One of the many ways I could characterize my philosophical work: building a collection of ontological conceptions, one of which is metaphysics.

Yes, metaphysics can be seen as belonging to metaphysics. And vice versa. And that is one of my ontological acquisitions.


That the Earth revolves around the Sun, doesn’t change the fact that each morning the Sun rises in the East.

Which way you conceive the relationship of self, Earth and Sun depends on why you are thinking.

And there are also reasons to think about how both are true in different times, and that as much as the cosmological and scientific perspective has its reasons for being thought out: and certainly not only in order to choose between abiding in a cosmos or in a universe.


What we think is constrained by how we think, and how we think is directed by why we think.


It is easier to talk about a rock than it is to talk about a belief. It is easier to talk about a belief than it is to talk about beliefs.

It gets harder and harder to speak clearly as you leave behind the world of objectivity. We can all make sense to one another if we stick to rocks.

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