Thoughts on art

Art exposes illusory uniqueness, with concrete specificity. To express at all, self-expression must transcend individuality while remaining individual.


An artist’s unique impulse expressing itself concretely, to the degree that it is unique, is not only incomprehensible to all but the artist — taken positively, the expression is useless and without value.

However, uniqueness does have negative conceptual value. In this, uniqueness (non-sameness) is similar to  the concept of liberty (non-compulsion).

But only the alienated can embrace the negative concept of uniqueness, and identification with uniqueness is resignation to alienation, an aesthetic mode of coping.


Another strategy is to discover those aspects of humanity which have been forgotten or suppressed or vilified — or which have developed in seclusion under new life conditions — which have, through cultural pressures, been isolated in individuals and mistaken for unique. Here, the apparent unique expression is only lost or undiscovered universality.


Art clears ground with negativity.

Art builds homes with shared positives.


The most fragile fantasists and the most ruthless realists take refuge in art.

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