Lamp moths

We’re always stealing choices. We make choices that are not ours to make. Someone makes a decision that someone else ought to be making and is called “presumptuous” or “aggressive”. Or someones decide to do something or to become something contrary to her own nature and consequently despairs.

When we refuse to steal a choice we say, “I have no choice.”

At the same time we’re always giving away choices that do belong to us – that belong to us alone and can only belong to us. What do we say then? “I have no choice.”

In the former case the statement is true; in the latter it is false.


A true statement always has a complementary false abuse. Aping truth is essential to falsehood.

A person who rejects as categorically false any concept that has been shown to be used falsely is naive or/and a charlatan – or/and ironic.


The fact that falsehood apes truth explains why the worst immorality is done under the guise of morality. This does not refute morality, but 1) makes morality deeply questionable, and 2) affirms morality.


Where there is truth there is power, and where there is power there are charlatans. Even a tiny bit of truth and power attracts charlatans.


Moths settle on a lamp and encrust it until the lamp is dark and its light is sealed inside.

(Maybe a helpful soul with a lamp could cast some light on the moth-eclipsed lamp so people could see what happened. If the moths were still alive, maybe they would abandon the old lamp for the new one in brightening flurry?)

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