Ways to see a self

Self as individual seer.

Self as a seen individual.

Self as participatory seer, which means that the shared seeing subjectivity is as much a concern as the seen object.

Self as seen as belonging to a particular whole: a member of a particular type.


An account can be taken sequentially: each part evaluated in turn, admitted or rejected.

An account can be taken whole: all parts admitted, and evaluated in relation to one another.

Before an account is fully understood, in what state is the understanding?


I watched two girls learn to speak. They learned to imitate tone, the vocabulary was secondary – at first the words were vehicles for tone, then the meanings of words developed out of the babble.

I’m told I didn’t speak at all until I could form sentences out of defined words.


I like to watch women talking in restaurants, leaning toward one another, looking at each other, gesturing and mirroring gestures.


Years ago when I was learning to meditate I thought I heard a dim phonemical flux playing in the back of my mind. A phoneme resembling a word reminded me of a word and caused an idea to crystalise and pop into my head. It’s hard to know if that happened or if it was like a dream making retroactive sense in semifalsified recollection.

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