Reading this blog

A single heavily cross-referenced entry on this blog could take hours or days to read if one were to follow the links into the companion wiki, and then to follow the chains and lattices and constellations of thought within the wiki to grasp the entry within its philosophical context – which really is the only way to achieve authentic understanding. Obviously, nobody can put that much time and effort into reading a blog. I think the best approach is the one most people will take anyway: to read the passage straight through, and to click links placed at those points where meaning is felt to be especially concentrated. The best policy is to follow one’s urgency, through bliss and dread alike.

2 thoughts on “Reading this blog

  1. you know, I haven’t been following those links nearly as much as i should. I knew there was a lot more to what you were saying but comforted myself with the thought that your links might just be there to add depth for those who desperately need it, all the while assuming I would never be one of those. Gradually I stopped clicking them and that was a mistake.

    maybe others will see this little entry and avoid my pitfall.

  2. It’s not a pitfall, though. The posts are complete on their own, but are enriched by the links, especially if the links are spontaneously perceived as interesting. Or that’s how I’d like it to work. I don’t want to overwhelm.