Wiki activity

I indexed all the direct (and some indirect) references to Logos in my wiki.  (When prompted enter “generalad”.)

Then I indexed several key passages treating what I’ve called “solipse“, or what is traditionally called “spiritual childhood”, “idealism”, and “existentialism” – the dangerous temporary autism (a state in which a thinker needs parental guidance) through which all genuine philosophers seem inevitably to pass. I also included some other passages describing the “turn“, moving beyond solipse into encounter with the Other, or Thou.


I opposed “solipse”, the philosopher’s autism, with “eclipse”, the complementary modern state (which corresponds with borderline disorder), a world founded on a materialist metaphysic, where self is nearly wholly determined by reflections of “itself” in the eyes of others. The universe is composed of objective entities, including the self who occurs within the universe. The turn is the discovery that idealism is not necessarily founded in the individual (or not solely in the individual), but rather in a culturally-sustained, but also culturally-active self, who is one scale in an infinite transcendent nesting of consciousness whose form or image is Logos. [I just happened upon a diagram I made during Christmas ’07 of the thesis-antithesis-synthesis of eclipse and solipse.]


A simple definition of “metaphysics“: interpretation of phenomena which extends beyond the phenomenal. We do it constantly without noticing, for instance when we believe in past and future, or in space or material, or in the unconscious… The hardest metaphysical extension of all –  the riskiest, most vulnerable,  but most rewarding – is opening to the full belief in one another as true Other, as Thou: saying “Namaste” without reserve.