The sphere of subjectivity

Nietzsche, again: “My eyes, however strong or weak they may be, can see only a certain distance, and it is within the space encompassed by this distance that I live and move, the line of this horizon constitutes my immediate fate, in great things and small, from which I cannot escape. Around every being there is described a similar concentric circle, which has a mid-point and is peculiar to him. Our ears enclose us within a comparable circle, and so does our sense of touch. Now, it is by these horizons, within which each of us encloses his senses as if behind prison walls, that we measure the world, we say that this is near and that far, this is big and that small, this is hard and that soft: this measuring we call sensation — and it is all of it an error!”


People who think subjectivity is inside their heads and the objective world is that which encloses it have it all turned inside-out.

We just like to think of the world and ourselves objectively because objects — that which we grasp with the pudgy little fingers of our comprehension — are easier to think about. Much harder to think is truth which somehow includes, involves and exceeds us.

We reduce being to what is comprehensible and feel that we have mastered life.

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